Shipping and return policies for Gandalf's Fist

Shipping Info
Orders are fulfilled by our Parent Label: Nightkeeper Productions LTD

We used to have an armada of winged monkeys, but some green-skinned witch somehow stole them from us (that cheeky sausage)!

So we have to rely on good ol' snailmail, which means you may have to wait up to 2 days within the UK, about a week within mainland Europe and <insert divine name here> knows how long across the pond.
Return Policy
Please let us know if your purchase is faulty and we'll do our best to help. We check every order before we send it out but these postmen can get up to a whole man at of shenanigans.

Check your sizes when ordering T-shirts we accept returns ordered in error due to the large volume of stretched shirts dosed in old spice we were receiving!

Enjoy your swag!